Addictive Drums 2 in Maschine 2 Transpose Mapping

Adler @ 2020-03-17

Recently I am playing around with Addictive Drums 2, and there was an issue.

I tried to add my drum sound to the software so that I can play the sound with my pad controller (Maschine Mikro MK3). After searching, a thread said that we can assign the Addictive Drums kit to a pad, and then use keyboard mode on my controller to play. It has 2 issues. One, I want to play it in pad mode, but not keyboard mode, so that I can assign sounds from a differnt source to other pads. Two, I cannot change the layout. For example, pad 1 has to be a Hihat, and it cannot be changed if I want to change it to a kick.

Fortunately, according to this thread, it can be done if I adjust the output source for other pads to "S1 - Addictive Drums" when pad 1 is assigned with it.

Here comes the last problem. I don't know which "transpose" is mapped to which instrument in Addictive Drums 2. Therefore I tried them all, and here is the mapping:

-24 kick
-23 snare
-22 snare
-21 snare
-20 snare
-19 snare
-18 snare (sidestick)
-17 snare
-16 snare (sidestick)
-15 Ride1
-14 CYM1
-13 FLEXI1
-12 HIHAT (no sound to me)
-9 HiHAT
-8 HiHAT
-6 HIHAT (open?)
-5 HIHAT (open b?)
-4 HIHAT (open c?)
1 Ride1
2 Ride1
3 (no sound)
4 (no sound)
5 Tom4
6 Tom4
7 Tom3
8 Tom3
9 Tom2
10 Tom2
11 Tom1
12 Tom1
13 FLEXI1 (cowbell)
14 FLEXI1 (cowbell)
15 SNARE (sidestick)
16 FLEXI1 (no sound)
17 CYM1
18 CYM1 (no sound)
19 CYM2
20 CYM2 (no sound)
21 CYM3
22 CYM3 (no sound)

I mapped them based on which instrument was highlighted when I hit the pad, but there were some value that did not have a sound at all, which is why some items have (no sound) attached at the end.

I'm still a beginner so I cannot tell which Hihat is open or closed, so I mark them all as only "Hihat". Please let me know if there is a more accurate mapping.